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    Product Deployment task "missing"

      I have inherited control of our ePO system from a colleague that has now left the company.

      There seems to be quite a few things wrong and I am slowly working through to get things sorted. However, I have hit a stumbling block with this one.

      I can deploy the agent to machines OK, but they all report back with -1207 and -1000 errors in the agent logs.

      I think I've tracked this down to the fact that there are no "client tasks" anywhere within the ePO system. If I try and create them, I cannot, because under client tasks, the "Product Deployment (McAfee Agent)" task is missing - it is not in the drop down list.

      I suspect this is a fault within the SQL database because I installed a fresh copy of ePO into a VM and the task is there, but when I restore our SQL database - it is gone.

      Has anybody else come across this? Are there any utilities to repair the SQL database? Has anybody any ideas?