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    Schedule client reboot after update

      Hello all,

      Is it possible to schedule a reboot of the clients if necessary after an (DAT) update to the clients?
      I'm using ePO 4.0 with Virusscan Enterprise 8.5 and ePO Agent 3.6.0

      I know that there is an option to ask reboot or force reboot after ePo agent installation but i can't find an option to set this for Virusscan updates/upgrades
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          I could be wrong but I do have my epo 4.0 setup with the agent policy set to reboot and it does do this for VSE updates, whereas my epo 3.6.1 servers are set not to and they dont. So I think this applies to all product updates run through the agent not just to the agent itself.

          Can anyone clarify this?
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            That would not be an option for enterprise setups

            We have several server farms wich some of them are backup or cluster nodes. So a forced reboot of all servers on the same time is not an option.

            We need to reboot the servers in a scheduled time so not everything is brought offline for a virus scan update