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    Manage Windows 2000


      Hello. I have Windows 2000 SP4 machines (Server and Workstation). I have the McAfee agent 4.0 P4 installed and is checking in to the ePO (5.1.3) console fine. I got Application Control from support and installed that on the machine fine. However, I'm not seeing it report the Solidcore version in the ePO console. Also, I'm not able to push any client tasks to the machine either, such as initial scan and observe mode. Are there any limitations in play here?

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          uh - can ePO 5.1 really manage AC 5.1? I only see 6.1.


          so ... in order to see Solidcode/AC Information/Events in ePO - you have to check in the AC extension(s).


          And: as far as I know MA 4.0 does not support the "run client task (at client)" feature. You'll have to assign a deployment task to that client/group and e.g. set it to "run at xy, once, etc"