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    EPO 4.0 Client Task Builder: USER ID / password not saving

      I have run into a strange issue with the Client Task Builder that is under the System Tree section and On Demand Scan tasks.

      When setting up the scan it asks for the user to login for the scan.
      When I enter the credentials it looks like it saves but when returning to the task the password is blank.

      Now here it the twist...an account that was used to be setup for this task will save but new account name won't save.

      Another twist is when I create a new task using this new ID it won't save either.

      This should just work...either it is a bug or there is something else missing for the user account to work correctly...please help.
        • 1. RESOLVED: Password Complexity Issue
          I nailed this down.

          Found the web interface was not liking the complex password I was using which was using ! and other types of characters. If this is the case then it should prompt you.
          I would think this would qualify as a bug in the interface.

          One thing that is bad about this interface is it doesn't verify the password you submit.

          Hope this helps someone else.