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    McAfee Multi Access Internet Protection


      I'm using McAfee Internet Security (2015) and haven't had any problems with it.   My subscription runs out in a few weeks but my ISP is offering free protection with "McAfee Multi Access Internet Protection."  The CS rep said he figured it was the most recent, so 2016.


      I wanted to see exactly what that is so I Googled, it but it doesn't come up.  What I found was "McAfee Total Protection."   Is that it?  Seems that's the same as Internet Security, but adds the True Key and encryption.    I also found, "5-Device McAfee Multi Access."  Maybe that's it because they do allow multi-devices.   If so, under "Features" for viruses and malware, I see words as "enhanced,"  "new,"  "improved" and "better."  Is it really?  Or am I getting that "higher quality" from my Internet Security?


      If I go with that, my Internet Security would be removed altogether when that one installs, so I'd be committed (or remove it and purchase and reinstall Internet Security). 


      Spending the money for another year would be fine - with these things, I'm of the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" - so I am hesitant.  But if the transition would be seamless, and if the Multi Access Internet Protection is the same, or better than what I have, then I'd probably go for it and save the subscription renewal.


      So would this be a good move or should leave well enough alone and just renew what I have?


      I'm using Windows 8 and I don't have other devices to add the free McAfee.



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          Peter M

          Hi Steve, I'm Peter, a Moderator here.  Packages vary depending on what you want but most are multi-device now, but of course it all depends which device gets what. so to speak as not all the features apply to all devices.

          For instance Apple wont allow an antivirus per se in their iOS devices.

          3rd parties such as PC makers and ISP's (mine included) offer their own versions of the software and it should be laid out on their web pages as to exactly what it is.  Normally you find that they are offering an all-device Internet Security suite, but it may vary from party to party.  Mine is particularly mean in offering only basic firewall and anti-virus plus web protection.

          You are probably looking at the 5-device one but I can't be absolutely sure.

          Take no notice of all those superlatives, of course everything is improved year-over-year.

          If you change suites, uninstall everything via Control Panel > Programs and Features, then run the MCPR cleanup tool, reboot and do a fresh installation from the new account page.

          It's laid out in TS101331.

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            Peter M

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              Thanks, but they didn't offer many details.  I should call them again.   But it does have True Key, so I'll assume it's not substandard.    Must be as good, or better, than what I have now and I'd have to decide if I want to do it and risk something going wrong.


              The rep did say that if I did download their McAfee, I wouldn't have to uninstall what I have because I'd be asked if I had McAfee during the installation and the new software would remove the old automatically.   Is that right or should I uninstall on my own?

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                Peter M

                True Key is an option, you're not forced to take it.  It has its own section here which you may want to peruse.  It's had mixed reception because its predecessor had more features but unfortunately it wasn't Windows 10 compatible.


                BTW you should be updating to 8.1 and make sure IE is v.11 even if you never use it.