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    Running scan32 from a batch file (non interactively)


      I need to scan the binary produced after a build.  So I figured I can do this in the post build step using scan32.  But scan32 causes the UAC dialogue to pop-up which then requires user confirmation.  So basically it is not possible to automate scanning a file.  There must be a way to this, can anyone help?

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          you can disable the UAC on this special Client to scan your binaries and use the comand switch


          Launches the scanner without making the user interface dialog visible.


          or you can try to use the  VirusScan(R) Command Line for Windows

          its a separate Product.


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            Hi sinaja,


            Welcome to the forums.


            Starting on page 91 of the VSE v8.8 Product Guide, Command Line Interface arguments for Scan32.exe are documented.

            (see https://kc.mcafee.com/resources/sites/MCAFEE/content/live/PRODUCT_DOCUMENTATION/ 22000/PD22941/en_US/vse_880_product_guide_en-us.pdf )

            As Diver stated /UINONE is an option (on pg. 93) that states it "Launches the scanner without making the user interface dialog visible."


            When running Scan32/64.exe from the command line, the 'Default' configuration is still applied, meaning exclusions (with the exception of the specific file passed) are still in effect.



            Launches the on-demand scanner task specified in the VirusScan Console. Requires additional

            parameter specifying the specified task ID as recorded in the registry at:

            [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\McAfee\DesktopProtection\Tasks\{Task ID}].

            (The Task ID {21221C11-A06D-4558-B833-98E8C7F6C4D2} in the example above, varies for each system and this value will change for your system and task configuration you choose. So don't try and use the Task ID specified here, as this will not work.)


            can be used to configure a specific scan configuration local to that system with whatever is needed to handle the build system's scan needs.

            In my humble opinion, this is way too complex.


            Consider the independent scanner:

            VirusScan(R) Command Line for Windows, Version 6.0.6, downloadable with a valid grant number. It has a greater number of parameters, runs independently from McShield.exe, and does not use GTI which means it can run entirely off-line. VirusScan(R) Command Line for Windows can run from a boot disk on systems that do not have VSE already installed.


            VirusScan(R) Command Line (VSCL) for Windows (Scan.exe) uses the same .Dat files as VSE. However, downloading and updating the .dat files manually will lead to performance issues. One can use the somewhat undocumented command line argument "Scan" /DECOMPRESS in the manually expanded .dat file location. This will reconstruct the .dat files into a 'runtime.dat' file which improves performance greatly, for independent file scans.


            I spoke to VSCL for Windows here: Re: Command Line Scanning, McAfee CLS, Batch


            If you have maintained VSE on the Build System, Scanning is already occurring. No need to Scan again, unless you have excluded something within the Build process.


            Hopefully this is helpful. Good luck,

            Ron Metzger