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    Re-installing McAfee Security Center after replacing laptop hard disk




      I wonder if you might be able to assist me with re-installing McAfee SecurityCenter on a laptop I’ve been working on?


      The laptop owner has a 2 year subscription taken out August 2014.  I’ve had to replace the hard disk in the laptop and re-install Windows – so the McAfee installation has been lost.


      McAfee was removed from the laptop and the MCPR utility run as part of the diagnosis work that the led to the decision to replace the hard disk.


      From what I’ve read it would usually be possible to log into “My Account” and re-install Security Center using the existing licence subscription.  However, the problem is that the laptop owner does not appear to have a McAfee account.


      We could of course create an account, but it is possible to link a new account to an existing subscription? We have the emailed “McAfee Purchase Receipt” with the order number amongst the material I have been able to transfer from the failing hard disk.


      All advice much appreciated.