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    ePO SQL database size concerns

      I am worried about the size of the ePO SQL files we host on our Windows 2003 SP2R2 SQL2005 server:

      EPO.MDF = 25 Gb
      EPO.LDF = 215 Mb

      This is after:

      1. I have done an event removal (events up to the start of the year - 31/12/2007 23:59)
      2. Run a repair.
      3. SQL Reorganize and shrink

      The database is running compatability SQL Server 2000 (80) and Simple recovery model

      The count of computers managed is only 2000.

      Is there anything I can do to stop it growing or compact it down?


      ePolicy Orchestrator
      VSE Patch 4
      Groupshield 6.02
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          Have you checed the number of infections (especially from access protection rules) reported ?
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            Having difficult trying to run some of the bigger reports through the console so I have resorted to SQL queries and have got these table values:

            1. ServerEvents
            10741 Records - some going back to 2007-01-03

            2. RMD_SensorEvents
            25360973 Records - again some going back to 2007-01-03 (one record dated 2001-01-01!)

            3. EventDayResolution:
            7228849 Records - again going back to 2007-01-03

            Hm ... a pattern is forming here

            4. EventLog
            1498784 Records - this time back to 2007-05-31 !! nh?

            5. Events
            8082633 Records - 2007-01-01

            6. Events_VSEBehaviourBlock
            125485 Records - 2007-01-01

            I will now re-run the Events | Removal process again double checking the dates...

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              Well ... doing it all again has allowed me to reduce the MDF to 15GB.

              All in all a lot smaller database - and a bit faster to query now.