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    Upgrading CMA, EPO, Server, and SQL questions

      OK, I have the following action plans for my EPO environment. If anyone can let me know if I have these out of order or I am missing any steps I would appreciate it.

      Right now I am running EPO 3.5; CMA 3.5; VS 8.0i SP 13 on a Windows 2K SP4 machine with SQL 2000 w/ SP 3.

      The majority of the agents are not reporting due to duplicate GUIDs, so my first step is going to be to create a script that will delete the GUID registry so that the systems start reporting.

      After that I was going to apply the most recent patch for VS 8.0i as well as update to CMA 3.6.

      Then I am going to update my EPO to 3.6.1

      I was thinking about updating after that to EPO 4.0 but I have not done enough research on it yet.

      In the future I also want to move to a 2003 server and SQL 2005.

      Any advice or help would be GREATLY appreciated!