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    ePO is not reporting all machines

      We upgraded to 4.0 from 3.6 hoping it may solve the problem of not managing all machines. Our SMS server reports about 1200 machines, which is correct. ePO is reporting about 600, but goes up and down by 50-100 from day to day.

      We run XP SP2 and ePO 4.0 is on a 2k3 R2 server.

      I've run AD discovery and have it set to run every afternoon at 4:30 to pick up and new machines. We add 5-10 new machines per day (to the network) at the most. I've see new machines get picked up by ePO within minutes, yet ePO's numbers don't match what we really have.

      What are the most likely possibilities to cause this?

      Please let me know if you need any other info.

      Any advice or help is greatly appreciated!

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          The causes for a machine not showing up vary somewhat.

          By whatever method you prefer, get a list of the machines that aren't showing up in ePO, then you just need to find out what's different about those machines. :)

          Are they listed at all in ePO?
          Do they have an agent?
          Any errors in status monitor?
          Are they imaged machines? You could have duplicate GUIDs.


          PS - or do you just mean that your discovery task is not querying the directory properly?