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    How do you view DHCP users?


      I am using the NGFW from Stonesoft.


      I have the Stonesoft DHCP server running on an interface and handing out IP's to my wireless burb

      Does anyone know how to view DHCP lease information such as mac addresses?

      I am accustomed to using Windows Server DHCP and being able to view the mac addresses of those using the service, would like to find that information.

      Any thoughts appreciated.

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          this is currently not possible in GUI. On firewall CLI you can check /spool/dhcp-server/dhcpd.leases file. DHCP Server operation is also logged into /data/diagnostics/syslog* files, and same logs are visible in SMC if you enable Syslog diagnostics (rightclick fw, Options, Diagnostics). These logs include also MAC addresses.