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    Windows 10 Notification Alert for new McAfee version (false positive)


      I have run McAfee Total Protection for years and I renew my subscription every year.

      well for the last week or so Notification Alert (windows 10 ) pops up and says there is a new version of McAfee Anti-Virus and Spyware protection.

      well I manually ran updates this morning & it showed I had the latest updates for Total Protection.

      McAfee Total Protection is a better program than McAfee Anti-Virus and Spyware,,  does more things.

      so if my Total Protection is fully updated why is Windows 10 telling me to install another program ???

      because it has the words Anti-Virus in the name ???

      I don't want to disable Notification Alerts because other than this false positive about McAfee I get Notifications

      from other programs