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    Correlating Numbers of Events Per Time Period



      I am trying to build Correlation rule that states the following:

      "If you see Signature ID XXX-XXX from the same Destination IP  5 times in 10 minutes, create an alarm"


      However, I feel like I am making this simply task more complicated than it needs to be and would like someone from the community to check my logic.


      First off, I set the logical element that states Threshold is 5 and Time Window is 10.




      Then, I edited the rule to state the Signature ID (in) xxx-xxx




      Now, this is where I am getting confused. Are the below settings required to ensure "5 events within 10 minutes from same DIP"? Aggregation is already turned on and I don't know if this will affect what I am trying to achieve either?




      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.