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    Agents from outside network

      we have an epo server on a local LAN, Workgroup environment. We have laptops that don't report to our epo server when there outside the network. I knew they wouldnt in the first place because in the sitelist.xml, it states:
      Server="esvr:8088" ServerName="ESVR:8088" ServerIP="" (all local/Private)

      I have registered at DynDns.com so that we can have a DNS name point to our Public IP address, then from our router we setup port 8088 to port forward to

      If I manually modify the sitelist.xml on one of the laptops to read:
      Server="esvr:8088" ServerName="ESVR:8088" ServerIP="example.mydomain.com:8088" (2 local/1 public)
      It will successfully connect to our epo server from outside our network. However, there have been several times the sitelist.xml will default back to its original state and will NOT connect to our epo server.

      My question is how do I keep this from changing? Instead of modifying the clients sitelist.xml, do I need to add example.mydomain.com somewhere on the epo server? My ultimate goal is to have these agents REPORT to our epo server as well as grab updates/software from here.