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    Truekey email


      I'm hoping someone can advise me on this.   I just discovered an email in my inbox telling me that Safekey was being discontinued to be replaced by Truekey, please click on this link and install the new system before Feb 11th [which I think is short notice as this is the first I've heard of this swap over].


      I'm dubious of clicking on links I receive unexpectedly in emails having just recently had an issue with my bankcard being cloned and cash taken so I am very wary about clicking on any link I'm not familiar with - probably a bit too much so.  LOL.   However I'm wondering if someone could advise me about this - is it safe to do by clicking on the link sent through email, is it complicated to do? 


      I have a lappy and desktop both on Security Scan Plus so would I need to add this to both bits of kit or just one.  I'm completely clueless about this sort of thing and I really don't want to be making any rash adjustments and making things worse.  


      Incidentally, giving users just a few days notice of such a change seems rather short notice to me.


      Many thanks in advance for any advice.

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          I moved this to True Key.


          Yes it's genuine, see the Announcement #2 at the top of this section or read the TS FAQ HERE.




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            By the way that letter has been enroute to clients for months, sorry it arrived so late at your address.


            I just noticed this:  "I have a lappy and desktop both on Security Scan Plus"

            Security Scan Plus is not an antivirus but merely a sales tool to advise you of security products you may need.

            It comes as an optional extra with such things as Adobe - anything, uTorrent etc.

            Please uninstall it.  (It will be listed in Control Panel > Programs and Features as 'McAfee Security Scan Plus').


            If your questions have been answered can you please mark the thread as such.  Thank you. ;-)

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              Please let know if you've been using Safekey - a Password Manager for saving and logging in on to your favorite websites (EOL Feb 11th). If Yes, you will need to migrate all your Passwords to the new Password Manager from IntelSecurity - TRUEKEY.

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                Interesting, I see the notices on this site now say the end of life for SafeKey is now March 1, 2016. Guess they realized giving some people two weeks notice (I received my first notice about the changeover January 28) was clearly not sufficient. Too late Intel Security, I've converted from SafeKey to LastPass already.

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                  I would like to get people's opinion on how they like True Key as compared to Safe Key.

                  Personally I feel Safe Key was a better product, laid out  better and had better features.

                  I'm not thrilled with True Key at all.

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                    Hi nikkid

                    Please mark this thread answered if you feel exbrit 's reply answered your query.

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                      I'm looking at Lastpass also. True key is not a product I would have bought yet now I am stuck with it and all its flaws.  How do you like Lastpass?

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                                     Colleague Ex_Brit is indeed quite correct. Also there is no need for the Application 'McAfee Security Scan Plus', for reasons stated. Your McAfee 'Web Advisor' feature monitors your Anti-Virus/Protection as it is.


                        All the very Best,


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                          letsdazzleu wrote:


                          I'm looking at Lastpass also. True key is not a product I would have bought yet now I am stuck with it and all its flaws.  How do you like Lastpass?

                          Please discuss rival products on their forums, if they have any.  Thanks.

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