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    TIe for vse


      dear all

      I haved tested my atd with my vse for tie and I have met some question

      1.As picture ATD analyze the file to might be malicios but why vse for tie detect as trust and no rule match [there should match the rule that atd identi fy as susspiciou]

      Analyze on ATD.PNG

      Capture.PNGLog on epo.PNG

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          the artemis-test file is a Little bit Special, because it is an test file.


          How your TIE Module is configured? Observation Mode or Enforcement mode.


          Try the following.

          - Set TIEM to enforcement mode.

          - Change the Enterprise Reputation for Artemis Test File to "known malicious".


          Afterwards the file should be blocked.


          Can you also take a look which Reputation Level under TIE Reoutations is set for the file??

          Note, if there is any info about this file like "known trusted" and ATD detects malware, the file is not blocked. This makes sense, because you have no guarantee that the ATD detection is not a false/positives. At the Moment we are also testing what changes the reputation score of a file in TIE.


          You might take a look at the PDF. The TIE Module collects Meta Data (TIE Content in Repository) and uses the TIE Rules from ePO. All this information is collected in TIE. TIE also uses some internal "Rules" to generate the final Reputation Score. Also ATD sends information which can change the Reputation Score.....


          As you can see, the whole solution is much more "dynamic" than signature based technology. Let´s see which information will be available in the future. I hope McAfee (Intel Security) will give us some more detail.


          Hope this helps.



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            Dear troja

            I have seen the tie reputation in epo that you refer to. There is one rule said that 31. Identify file atd report as susspicious to be most likely malicious. Do you know what does suspicious refer to [might be malicious most likely maliciouse or known malicious ]

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              based on the entries in the convicter script you can find the following definitions.


              GTI_Scores = [0, 15, 30, 50, 70, 85] # GTI Levels, we only need these ones. Otherwise, don't do anything else.

              #NOT_SET          0

              #KNOWN_DIRTY          1 --> Not needed

              #ASSUMED_DIRTY          15

              #PROBABLY_DIRTY         30

              #UNKNOWN          50

              #PROBABLY_CLEAN         70

              #ASSUMED_CLEAN          85

              #KNOWN_CLEAN          99 --> Not needed

              #KNOWN_CLEAN_UPDATER  100 --> Not needed


              The script is used to query virustotal if an TIE/Suspect Event occurs. you can find it here: Convicter – Utilize VirusTotal with TIE/DXL to convict files automatically


              A value of 31 in your example should be than classified as "probably dirty".


              I would suggest now to test with the TIEM Settings. Taking a look which Level must be reached to block or to delete the file.


              How TIEM is configured?