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    ePo 3.6 No System Tray Icon


      I'm in the process of upgrading our ePo to 3.6 and VS to 8.5 from 3.5 and 8.0. The VS upgrade all works fine and so does the uninstall of the ePo client, it's the install of the 3.6 client where I have problems.

      I can see that the client has installed in Pro files\mcafee\common framework and I can see that the ePo service has started. But I don't get a sys tray icon and ePo never pulls down the policy. Though strangely, if I run the same script again, both ePo and VS install fine. Any Ideas?

      This is my script:


      @echo off
      echo Removing Mcafee 8.0 - PLEASE WAIT
      start /w MsiExec.exe /quiet /x {5DF3D1BB-894E-4DCD-8275-159AC9829B43}
      echo Removing any old ePO agents - PLEASE WAIT
      \\drive\share\mcafee\framepkg.exe /remove=agent /domain=dom /username=usrname /password=pass /s
      echo Installing the latest ePO agent - PLEASE WAIT
      \\drive\share\mcafee\framepkg.exe /install=agent /domain=dom /username=usrname /password=pass /s
      echo Upgrading McAfee to Version 8.5i - PLEASE WAIT
      \\drive\share\mcafee\vscan85\setup.exe /quiet /norestart
      echo Now communicating with the ePO server to collect required policy - PLEASE WAIT
      "C:\Program Files\McAfee\Common Framework\cmdagent.exe" /p

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          Why do you remove the old versions before ? They will be removed automatically if you run the new agent and VS package. Also do you run these statements only once ? You would also be able to update all these products via epo itself ... Please also post the agent_%computername%-log from an affected client.