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    Receiving attack 4288571




                    I am getting lot attack alert from internal ip address from our nsm. Could you please check and let me know what to do in this type of attach.

      Network Security Platform has detected a "High (9)" severity attack. Please view the Threat Analyzer for details. These notification messages will be suppressed for the next 10 minutes.

      Both source and target are within the network.


      The "Unknown" attack was detected at 2016-02-01 12:38:29 IST


      Details of attack:

      Alert ID: 6197622331532002980                  Time: 2016-02-01 12:38:29 IST

      Attack: Unknown (0x41703b00)

      Attack type: Signature, Severity: High

      (Signature: N/A, BTP: N/A)


      Admin domain: My Company

      Sensor: NIPS_Sensor_HA, interface 1A-1B

      Source: x.x.x.x:N/A, Target: x.x.x.x:N/A