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    Enterprise Firewall - acquire database/firewall policy configuration lock




      I was wondering if someone could help, I'm new to McAfee firewall products, my previous experience being Juniper, Cisco ASA and Checkpoint; on Checkpoint when a user is logged in with RW access, the database and firewall policy is locked to that user to prevent other Admin users from being allowed to administer the firewall.


      I have noticed in this McAfee environment that multiple administrators can be logged in at the same time, can edit the policy and apply changes, the issue is someone could overwrite someone else's changes, this does sound very good.


      Is there a way the database and firewall policy can be locked to a single administrator, ie: acquire configuration lock when an administrator is logged in?


      Of course, I might be completely barking up the wrong tree, any useful thoughts and comments very much appreciated.


      Kind regards