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    TrueKey replacing SafeKey - Web version missing


      I understand TrueKey is replacing SafeKey and SafeKey will no longer function after February 11, 2016, however they seem to have missed an important feature of SafeKey that does not seem to exist in TrueKey.  The web version (no plugin or app required).


      With McAfee SafeKey on any browser you can login to safekey.mcafee.com then enter your two-factor authentication and gain access to your online vault. This made using SafeKey truly universal. If I was using a device that I was not authorized to install a plugin or app on (ie workplace computer), I could still login to the website on any browser with my two-factor key and obtain my site passwords.  This is how I could use SafeKey essentially on ANY device without a downloaded plugin or app, my BlackBerry, my Samsung SmartTV, workplace computer or public internet kiosk.


      It appears TrueKey will only function through a downloaded app or plugin. A web version is not available like it was with SafeKey. This is going to be a BIG loss of functionality for me.


      Am I correct in this understanding?