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    Site policies not being applied

      I recently created a new site for some of our servers and one of the policies I have defined is to allow port 25 to communicate. I did this by unchecking the "Prevent Mass Mailing...." under Access Protection Policies. I have done an agent wake up call, an update from the system itself, and this policy is not being applied to any of the systems under the site. I am running EPO 3.5 and VirusScan 8.0. The agent is hidden on the machine so I can really see the details of what it is receiving. I also changed the agent to server communication of the agent to 10 minutes to see if this was the problem but 30 minutes later the policies on the client remain the same. Can anyone help me out with a suggestion?

      UPDATE: OK, the servers finally updated. I am not sure if this made a difference or not, but under VirusScan Enterprise 8.0/Access Protection Policies I set the settings to Server rather than Workstation from the drop down menu. I noticed all of my workstations were updating immediately after making policy changes but the servers weren't. I don't know if this change fixed the problem but in any rate my above question has been resolved.