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    McAfee EPO Server IP Change


      Hi Community,



      I have a Client that I manage and they are in the processing of migrating their Head Office to a new Site.


      The migration includes moving of servers and having their IP Addresses modified\changed.


      What is the impact of changing the IP Address of the ePO Server (e.g to once its moved to the new Site? Only the second octet of the IP will change, DNS or Domain Name will not change.


      Versions: ePO 5.1.1; VSE 8.8 Patch 6; Agent








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          These are general DR procedures for ePO, but I'd say that this is the most relevant bit of information:


          • The agent uses either the last known IP address, DNS name, or NetBIOS name of the ePO server. If you change any one of these, ensure that the agents have a way to locate the server. The easiest way to do this is to retain the existing DNS record and change it to point to the new IP address of the ePO server. After the agent is able to successfully connect to the ePO server, it downloads an updated SiteList.xml with the current information


          Sounds like, as long as the DNS name remains the same, the Agent will still connect to ePO and download an updated file with the new IP address. 

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            Thanks tkinkead,


            Obviously one has to backup and take a snapshot of the Virtual ePO Server before changing the IP Address.


            The change of IP doesn't affect the Database\SQL tables? Isn't the IP hardened somewhere in the DB during the ePO installation and a change of IP would affect the DB connection?