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    Data Backup from MVM



      My organization is moving from MVM towards another Vulnerability Management Solution. Need help about backing up all the scan results from past 1year (historical data) and Scheduled scans.

      this wasn't possible from the interface, so when I called McAfee support they suggested to install SQL Management studio and IPranges table on Faultline DB.

      But no clear instructions were provided. Could you please suggest if there are any detailed steps mentioned somewhere or if someone can help writing those for me.



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          Peter M

          Moved from Consumer to Business > McAfee Vulnerability Manager (Foundstone) for better support.




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            Please refer to the 'Announcement' at the Top of the page in this area.

            McAfee Vulnerability Manager is entering end of life (EOL) October 22, 2015

            Vulnerability Manager (Foundstone)




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              Hello Cliff,


              Yes I know it is EOL, that is one reason why we moved to another product and need help in data backup. the announcement on the top of the page doesn't give any FAQs about this topic. or may be I am missing something. Could you please point me to some specific page which might have instructions or if there is none, Can you help?

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                Hi Pojoshi,

                             The primary reason I inserted the link, was I thought the link listed with the announcement had alternatives/Other products. Being a Moderator for Consumer Products, we are not as well versed with the Enterprise/Corporate side of the equation.


                             Hopefully one with more knowledge and expertize will pick up this thread, and add to the discussion. During the interim, I will ping a Enterprise Moderator on your behalf to further assist you. Being that his Geographical location is in the 'UK' will determine how quickly he responds.


                               Wish there was more I could do.

                All the very Best,


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                                 Please know message has been sent...

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                    Richard Carpenter

                    Hi pojoshi


                    I do not use this product, but it would be a similar process for backing up the ePO database, or any SQL database.


                    First thing you will need to be able to complete the tasks indicated by McAfee Support will be the Microsoft SQL Management Studio which is a free tool which can be downloaded from Microsoft, but you will need to install the correct version for the version of SQL which is running on the MVM Appliance.


                    For example details for doing this on SQL 2008 can be found here


                    You can then follow the "Back up your database" instructions starting on page 65 of the Installation Guide




                    Certified McAfee Product Specialist - ePO

                    McAfee Volunteer Moderator

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                      Thank you once again for your expertize and knowledge




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                                         Could you kindly confirm if Richard's advice in (Post) #6 helped you in regards to your 'Back-up Issues'?


                        Thank You,