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    Deploy VSE8.5 via EPO4?

      I recently upgraded from EPO3.6 to EPO4. I wish to deploy VSE8.5 to all my client PCs (or at least just the ones with no virus scan) and I wish to use EPO4 to do so.

      I downloaded the software, checked it in to my repository. Under the list in the software repository it says Virus Scan Enterprise, ver 8.5i, type "Install". The problem is that when I go to create a task to deploy it it does not show up as a potential product to deploy.

      Can you deploy VSE via EPO4, or is that not an option? What am I missing here?
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          You can for sure. Did you create an apropriate task: Product deployment - McAfee Agent ?
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            I thought the Mcafee Agent was to install the Mcafee Agent, not the Mcafee Virus Scan Enterprise.

            I will give that a try.
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              This task is a "Product deployment run by the McAfee Agent" if this makes the naming clearer wink
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                Cool I got that working. One question however...

                Of the different types of schedules you can set, Daily, Once, Run Immediately. Which does what?

                i.e. Which one will install the Mcafee VSE once and not try to install it again? Then later on if I add a PC to that group, will it install on this new PC once with out any manipulation on my part?

                I tried the "Once" Setting but that did nothing, I tried Immediately and that installed but what if I add another PC to this group?

                If I set it to "Daily" will it try to install to the PCs in that group on a daily basis, then once it suceeds will it not install to that PC again? OR, does it re-install antivirus everyday?
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                  Daily is fine, it wont reinstall over the top it will just check and proceed to the end of the task if its already installed
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                    imho a better solution for me is to set it to run immediately and also check the "run at every policy enforcement" checkbox. Be sure to set the policy enforcement intervall to at least 20 minutes before.

                    The "problem" with the "daily" setting is, that it will not install the VS as soon as a client appears. E.g. if you schedule a daily task to run at 08:00 am (and check the run missed task option) and a client appears the first time at 10:00 am the task will be executed next day, leaving the client for a whole day without av protection.