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    windows login failed


      Hello . I have problems with some workstations and servers, later install virusscan enterprise 8.8 Patch6 and reboot the equipment I can't login to windows.  I have the message ACCESS DENIED, with local or domain account I can't login to windows.


      I have noticed that if I write wrong password I obtain the message "password failed", but if I write correct password I obtain "ACCESS DENIED".  I can't windows login.


      Like the machine is up, I have disabled Access Protection (by ePO policy and wake-up agent) and I can do windows login, my access protection haven't any rules enabled but I must disable all access protection engine and then I can windows login.


      Other workaround, I must reboot windows in safe mode, to do login and reboot machine and the problem disappear, and then I can windows login normally.


      Please your help if someone has had the same behaviour.





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