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    ENS 10.1 : first result


      First sorry for my bad english


      just a small review on ENS


      ENS 10.1 has been installed on some alpha computers since a few weeks now.


      Actually the focus is on threat and web control module, not yet the firewall module as we have full hips 8 installed on computers. I'll wait, for Firewall test, the IPS incorporation. It will be easier.


      So after some weeks on the product, i will open soon a support call for three issues


      Starting situation : VSE 8.8 P6, SAE+ 3.5 and HIPS 8 P6 activated (firewall and IPS)

      One task to deploy ENS (threat and wenb control only) without desactivating all these products for security


      the upgrade works well but not always. See case 3


      1. Sometimes, blue screen when you want to manually (right click on a file) launch a file scan. Blue screen directly. But sometimes, not each time.

      2. Sometimes slow boot (could be 15 minutes). Could be linket to a memory scan task on boot (just memory and process for this task) Not sure yet.

      3. On some alpha computers, the Framework is installed, VSE and SAE are uninstalled but threat and Web control are not present.


      these three issues are blocking so we don't actually want to enlarge the test scope.


      for the Policy, all my team members like the new admniistration interface. This Policy is easier to manage with better input Windows, alphabetical sort on some list and so on. For a domain like ours, around 9000 workstations and 600 servers, we prefers the ENS Policy interface than the VSE one.


      Excepting the issues, actually i like a lot the new product but i need to go further (my alpha test target will  be around 100 computers when the issues will be undestood) especially on the performance test.

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          I've had nothing but troubles with my initial testing.  I've tried out of the box policies, migrated policies and am now going through and tweaking the base policies and trying one component at a time.  So far I get blue screens, crash and reboot on systems overnight, system lock ups during login, and other major performance related frustrations.  I have only one system where it isn't giving me problems.  It doesn't have some of our key management tools (SMP) and so that might be it but wow, I never expected this.  If I find items that end up being the culprit and needed additional policies to handle them I'll try to share them.

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            For slow boot issue, Intel has published a KB with a workaround. they are working on a fix for Patch 1

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              Looks like KB86425 is the one you are referring to.  The article says a single report has been confirmed.  Well, apparently I need to supply them with a few more since I've had it on a couple test machines so far.