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    How to manage Sensor remotely


      Hey guys

      I have to change the Sensor Subnet Mask

      I already set the configs for Sensor in Data Center

      And right now i would like to change the subnet mask

      Is there any tricks to change on Manager ?

      BTW i didnt install the Central Manager, i read about Central Manager a guide, is it crucial part of Network Security Platform ?



      Warm regards

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          Hi Benjamin,


          To set the subnet mask you just log on to the sensor and use the command


          set sensor ip <IP Address> <Subnet Mask>


          You can just enter the existing IP address and the new subnet mask separated by a space if you only want to change the subnet.


          You can't change it from the manager.


          You don't need a central manager. If you have multiple regional managers the central manager just allows you to configure your policies etc. in one place.



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            Hey Peter thanks for your respond

            We used to have IBM ISS SiteProtector (IDS system) it had a Proventia appliance

            Through Proventia appliance within web browser we could change the network configs

            Thats i would like to know is there any chance to not connect to Sensor and make changes remotely ?