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    Deploy SVA's with assigned IP Pool


      Hi everybody!


      I'm new at the community, but kindly old on McAfee products...since MSDos client versions I think.....



      We're facing an extrange issue with our deployments....


      In an ePO 5.3.1 environment ( VMWare related ), we're trying to deplay MOVE 3.6.2 agentless solution. So, we're facin problems with the SVA's. If we deploy it through DHCP, there's no problem and everything is OK, but if we try to assign a specific IP Pool to the SVA ( though the ePO ), the network config of the deployed appliance fails.


      We're suspecting, that the problem is the netmask of the IP Pool that we're using. It's not an entire C class, and on the ePO IP Pool config page, you aren't allowed to specify a netmask.


      Do you know the clue? It's a common issue?


      We've openend a support ticket....still waiting



      Thank you very much!