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    McAfee ePO Migration

    Hemant Koli

      We are Planning to Migrate McAfee ePO from version 4.6.9 to version 5.3.1.

      Currently we have McAfee ePO 4.6.9 installed on Windows 2003 with inbuilt database and now we are planning to migrate to version 5.3.1 on Windows 2012 and we have SQL 2014 installed on new server.

      Can anyone help me with the steps.


      Thanks in Advance

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          As per KB51569, SQL Server 2014 is supported only with ePO 5.3.x.


          Below is my suggestions

          - Install SQL Server 2012 on new server

          - Move ePO DB from Windows 2003 to new server, Follow KB68427

          - See if the ePO on Windows 2003 is up and running, You can able to login to ePO Console, All the client machines are communicating, Able to do a Repo Pull etc.

          - Follow KB71825 & KB82808



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            Hemant Koli

            Hi Ajay,


            Do u remember me, we had a Migration call(also my colleague was part of that call Sanket).

            And thanks for your reply,

            I have successfully migrated McAfee ePO from version 4.6.9 to version 5.3.1 by migrating the Database as well.

            Followed the same steps which you had suggested, just step no.6 is additional.

            Steps Followed

            1. KB71825
            2. Product Compatibility Check, Remove the non compatible extension if it is not in use
            3. See if ePO is up and running, Backup
            4. KB82808, Migrate.zip (Copy Migrate.zip to new server)
            5. Shutdown old ePo Server, Change IP and Hostname of new Server

            6. Attached Database to New Database server SQL 2014
            7. Extract Migrat.zip
            8. See if you are able to login to ePO Console
            9. KB71825
            10. ePO Install/Upgrade Pre Check tool
            11. Upgrade