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    Internet Security forcefully deletes trusted .dll file, former type: Artemis, current type: RDN/Generic.dx


      I am using McAfee LiveSafe Internet Security. Since yesterday, McAfee has started detecting a particular .dll file as an Artemis type malware. I have done my research & I was about to mail the 12 digit ID for proper exclusion. But from today, the description for the same .dll has changed to RDN/Generic.dx (Trojan). Anyway McAfee doesn't let me mark it as trusted. The .dll file is forcefully deleted & it renders the application unable to start.


      I should mention that the application is Train Simulator 2016. The file is RailWorks.dll. I have had McAfee installed since last year and it has never shown this file as malicious despite several full scans. Moreover I haven't installed or downloaded anything even remotely malicious. I am pretty sure this is a false positive as VirusScan shows a very low detection ratio. Please suggest what to do.


      Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!