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    McAfee Internet Security subscriptions



      I have a question - I paid subscriptions to McAfee Internet Security for a period of 5 years from now until 2021. And I want to ask, what happens to my subscription if during this period will stop support for this product, and McAfee will have only one product: LiveSafe or Total (for example) ?

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          You have a licence for 5 years support should continue over that period. Ok I am only a helper here but that is what i feel will happen.


          I have pinged a tech to comment if what I said needs amending but I feel all is ok.

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            Thanks for the quick response,

            let's hope that it will.

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              Hi avorharp

              As long as your subscription is valid the Product will be supported. IntelSecurity will not be ending support to any product a user has paid already. Peacekeeper is right.

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                Thanks for your reply. I am glad to hear it.

                I know another example occurred a week ago:

                Agnitum company changed owner, stopped retail sales of the product: "Agnitum Outpost firewall", canceled previously sold lifetime keys, and instead earlier sold lifetime keys Agnitum - given the keys to the Kaspersky Anti-Virus for 2 years (which I do not need even for free)

                So there are different incidents ..

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                  The change of ownership at McAfee has already occurred , actually several years back now, so if anything was to be cancelled outright, it would have already happened.  Instead Intel have actually expanded the range of products and changed some, for the better we hope.

                  You may find that components of your suite will change over time, as has my Total Protection, but the suite will remain intact one way or the other until the end of your subscription, then time to renew at whatever terms are in force at that time.

                  Actually any products that have been cancelled lately were due to the fact that they were no longer compatible with Windows and/or Mac's latest OS and could not be modified to work under that umbrella, but I can't think offhand of any that have just disappeared for no apparent reason.

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                    Well, yes, I understand you. That's what I meant.

                    At the beginning of November 2015 Intel announced the sale of its business to develop firewall security technologies from the manufacturer data breaches Websense, which is owned by Raytheon. On this transaction management processor giant notify the partner by sending messages, caught in the disposal of publication CRN.

                    Under the agreement with Raytheon | Websense, Intel Security divested McAfee Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) and McAfee Firewall Enterprise, which are formed as a result of the purchase of the Stonesoft and Sidewinder by McAfee in 2013 and 2008 respectively.

                    As for Intel Security, TOO sale McAfee Next-Generation Firewall and Firewall Enterprise is carried out in the framework of the waste product lines that do not fit into the new strategy for the development of business information security. Shortly before the announcement of the deal with Raytheon | Websense company Intel Security announced the abolition of several series of products related to the protection of e-mail, mobile security, and work in the cloud (SaaS).
                    According to the head of global partner programs Intel Security Maserli Lisa (Lisa Matherly), getting rid of a business does not mean the Firewall care companies with information security market.


                    Of course, I do not know whether it will affect consumers - subscribers to the product Intel Security . But for 5 years can change many things (including the company's policy with respect to home users)

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                      The Enterprise side is a whole new ball game, and should be disregarded when it comes to consumer products.

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                        I generally watch a strange trend.
                        Antivirus products for home users gradually become not demand. Because search Service provide secure search. Mail Server filters all mail online - is almost impossible to get a virus by email (even in the archive). A phishing links will not be opened in the new browsers. In addition, Windows 10 is not very sensitive to the virus, and has a good built-in anti-virus and firewall.
                        I think that after 5 years of anti-virus software for home users simply disappear. Already today many promotions you can get a subscription for one year on nearly any anti-virus product for free. (but not McAfee)

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