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    Preboot password not syncing after password change (CTRL-ALT-DEL)


      One particular user, who is remote for a few weeks, is not able to get past pba without recovery.


      Drive Encryption 7.1.1




      Chain of events:

      User changes password with ctrl-alt-delete.

      Password change detected and logged in epo.

      Person goes home.

      Person forgets password.

      I recover to get past preboot, have them log into a local account, start vpn and fast switch and log in with a temporary password I set for them.

      Ctrl-alt-delete again to change password

      NO 'Password change' logged in epo. User cannot successfully preboot.



      So, if I am reading all the forums right - preboot *should* update de password on a) failed SSO login or b) C-A-D password reset


      a) Is not happening I assume because I am recovering and sso cannot be triggered

      b) Is not happening because?


      Collect/Send Props, Enforce policies, etc all seem to work. No apparent connectivity issues between vpn device and epo.



      Yes, the eventual solution may be DE 7.1.3 but am hoping for a quicker fix.