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    Inaccurate Directory

      We have machines that disappear from our directory. Here is a classic example of what we're dealing with....
      A machine within our network will not be listed in the ePO directory. Logging on locally to that machine will show it communicates with the ePO server and receives regular updates. Back at the ePO server the machine will be manually added into the directory and agent wake-up call initiated. After a few minutes a duplicate listing will show up with green check mark. At this point the entry that appears to be unmanaged (no check mark) is manually deleted. Within the next 24 hours the managed machine will disappear from the ePO directory.

      New systems are manually added into the ePO directory and the agent is pushed from ePO or installed locally. There is no directory clean-up task enabled. There are no images configured with the ePO client.

      Why is this happening and what can we do to remedy the situation?
      Thanks in advance!