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    looking for special solution with mcafee epo and software base secured clients




      we are using an epo 5.3.1 server with our WIN 7 client PCs with mcafee agent and AV. Everything works fine.

      No I have the requirement so secure some of the clients with "DeepFreez". When this software is installed, any changes on the system will be rejected after the next reboot. So the system always starts in the same "frozen" state.

      I think the epo server doesn`t like this behaviour. When the clients are up and running, they get their updates and rules from the server. The epo server recognizes and saves this state for every client.

      So when the client reboots, it starts with the old mcafee AV status and tries to contact the server again, but the server refuses a correct respond.

      I think the server irritated, because the client (respectively the client id) the is trying to connect to the server has an older status than the client that is saved in the epo database.


      Any hints for me that I can do for this scenario?


      Many thanks