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    Compulsory sale: unwanted sms




      I bought an LG G3 mobile phone with McAfee security installed by default (cannot be removed or disabled).


      My mobile provider charge me by 12.60€ because McAfee application sends SMS to US, each SMS fee is 0.3€.


      I’m deeply upset by this way of making business.


      Could you please find a way to refund me (I can provide you the list of SMS sent by your application).



      @? What really means the 3 lasts letters in McAfee

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          Hi Ivan,

          Personal details removed from your post for security & privacy reasons.

          McAfee is the name of the company after the person who founded it, it's changing to Intel - better?

          That's a shame it happened, but the only people who can refund you would be Contact Support and you would have to phone them.

          Whereabouts are you, what country?

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            Hi ?,


            I'm in France.

            My mobile provider is not wrong, he charge my account because my phone sends SMS.


            Your app do it, it is your responsibility !

            Moreover, your business line is virus protection but the way your app works could be assimilated to a virus (doing unwanted and hidden actions).


            You could get in touch with my mobile phone provider or mobile communication provider to find a solution to refund me (LG and Virgin mobile, I can provide you personal data  by private mail).




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              I agreed with you in my last reply.

              Click the following link, change your country to France

              Contact Support

              Use the Refund option and click Continue.

              You will see the option to phone, email or chat, for refunds phone them.

              They are open 0900 - 1800