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    ePO Server task anomaly

    Attila Polinger

      Hi all,


      I have a simple server task as per the following sequence:


      Step1: Runs a query to find duplicates - the query just lists the duplicated nodenames (simple actionable table)

      Subaction1: exports the result in a .CSV file on the server (chart data only)

      Subaction2: emails the file to myself (With a subject "Duplicatelist - Before")

      Step2: Runs an external .CMD, that effectively deletes these duplicates, via WebAPI. This .CMD is executed within the timeout value and makes a local log file, too.

      Step3: Runs the same query to list the duplicates again. Normally none should be found.

      Subaction1: Emails the file - again format .CSV and chart data only. (with a subject "Duplicatelist - AFTER")


      Problem: the attached .CSV file in both emails contains the same list of duplicates, instead of the first containing all, and the second containing none.


      The server task log shows that the steps are executed one after the other, no parallellism visible.


      If I, after the execution of the server task, immediately run the above query from within ePO manually, it shows correctly no duplicates.


      I would use the second email as a status, so this is quite embarrassing.


      I use ePO 5.3.0


      (The reason why WebAPI is used is that I won't delete simply both duplicates, but must preserve one due to some licensing reports.)


      I would welcome any ideas, how to fix this behaviour. Thank for every advice in advance.

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          Does the exported file have the same name in both queries? If so, try changing one of the queries so the file name is different. I wonder if the second query export is failing to overwrite the existing file, and so you're getting the same file emailed twice...


          Regards -



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            so the 2nd mail still shows duplicate entries?


            Not sure if its' the same reason: but a few days ago I noticed that some information is not always updated on ePO correctly (5.3).

            e.g. in system tree I added a column to show product version of some installed product (HIPS or so) on the clients (so if you have a list of clients in system tree - you have that additional info).

            BUT: even after uninstalling the product + wakeup - the column still showed that version number - but if i click on the clients/objects for details - it show that this product is not installed (or a different version e.g. if I updated the product).

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              Attila Polinger

              Hi Joe,

              I have not specifically done an export on the query results in the closing step, just chose Email File, which could be the cause. Now I have inserted an export subaction to the second run of the query. See what happens today.

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                Attila Polinger

                A familiar situation, yes. I have noticed it also, that some columns in the System Tree - Systems view are not reflecting some properties properly. I have not yet bound this to my problem. Thanks for your remark.

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                  Attila Polinger

                  Hi Joe,


                  I have added an exporting step with a different target filename as in the previous exporting step, but still the situation is the same: both lists contain the same systems (as if nothing has happened during delete of duplicates.). to be sure I doublechecked one system whose dulicate the log stated to have deleted and indeed, it was not a duplicate.

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                    Can you export the server task, and attach it here along with the CMD file? (Redact any credentials that are present.)  I'll see if I can reproduce what you're seeing...


                    Thanks -



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                      Attila Polinger

                      Thanks Joe.


                      I have attached the files here. Please insert proper username and password for the variables used with cURL username and password, at the beginning.

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                        Attila Polinger



                        it seems to me that ePO 5.3 does not wait until the external task finishes. IT does not even wait until the set timeout value specified in the task entry.

                        I have created another similar task, in which among other things, there was an external command, that moved some systems into an empty group using WebAPI, then a subtaks would deploy the agent onto them.


                        From the task log it shows that ePO started the external command at the same time as it started the query (in the next major step during the server task) that lists systems from this - at that time still empty - group, and obviously, ePO did not deploy the agent to any systems, because they were still not there.


                        The external command took 4 minutes, the timeout was set to 900000 millisec (to be sure it does not cancel this task).