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    McAfee Webgateway VRRP

    Rene Moj

      Hi, we're running a HA cluster with central management (two nodes) and use only one network interface per proxy. The problem is that the proxies are using vrrp just as our switches, which are in the same subnet as the proxies... i can see the switches discarding vrrp messages from the proxies all the time.. so my idea is to create a second interface on the proxies, which will be in a vlan, other then the switches and use this as the VRRP interface... would this work or is there something else that has to be reconfigured?


      So the plan is

      • to assign a second interface to each proxy node,
      • put this interface in a vlan, which is not used by any other vrrp-device
      • change the vrrp interface (under Proxies(HTTP(S),FTP,ICAP and IM)--> VRRP interface) so it will be the newly created interface


      Am I missing something?


      Thanks in advance