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    Thinking about installing VSE 8.8 HF1087536 using the ePO




      Maybe someone here could provide me with some information regarding HF 1087536? Just thinking about installing this HF makes me cringe...


      The reason for this is the fact that it requires a reboot of the computer after installation. Does this mean that VSE doesn't work correctly or even worse doesn't work at all until the computer/server is rebooted? I am not overly concerned about the actual computers that we have but more so about the servers. They are usually not restarted often and VSE can potentially have a sub-par or even no protection until they are. Is it worth the risk or should I wait for a new patch? What is the potential backlash of waiting?


      I haven't been able to figure out what the potential risk of not installing this HF will have on our computers/servers/ePO by reading the release notes or scouring the net for info.

      Anyone have any relevant information that can shed some light on this?