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    Is Distributed Repository working?

      Hi there.

      Just wanted to ask this question. A bit of background first:

      . ePo 4.0
      . mix of 8.0 & 85i

      I have created a distributed repository on a server in a subnet of our domain. I have set up the agent to select the repository by subnet distance and pushed it out to all the pc's.

      Is there any way to force pcs in that subnet to use the distributed repository? The reason I ask is that when I push a task (Update to 8.5i) to one of those pc's I notice in the Agent Activity Log for that pc that I see this:

      Friday, 7 March 2008 12:30:30 PM Info Script Checking update packages from repository manjy1.
      Friday, 7 March 2008 12:30:31 PM Info Script Checking update packages from repository ePO_WSUS.

      And then it downloads the 8.5i update from the Master Repository (takes about 15 minutes). The way I know that the update is from the Master is that at the completion it applies the most recent dat (in this case 5246) which isn't on the Distributed server because replication doesn't occur until 2:00AM, so it's always one dat behind.

      If I do a Remote Desktop to one of the un-updated pcs; map a drive to the Distributed Repository on the local server; navigate to the VIRUSCAN8600 directory and run Setup.exe the update takes about 5 minutes all up.

      Any ideas?