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    ePolicy Orchestrator 5.6.0 and Mac OSX El Capitan version 10.11.2


      Since upgrading our Macs to El Capitan, OSX version 10.11.2, the software installed by ePolicy Orchestrator 5.6.0 will not install and will therefore not work on our Macs.  Tech support (really lousy) said the McAfee software is not compatible.  They suggested I contact customer service about a product that is compatible.  I contacted customer service (really lousy) and that was news to them.  They were going to have their SMB group call me about the issue, they did not (really lousy).  My question is, what McAfee Antivirus product is compatible with the latest version of Mac OS?  I was surprised at how lousy tech support and customer service is.  I guess when it is not U. S. based, it's a problem.  Any assistance is  appreciated.

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