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    Issues rolling out Agent automatically after Migration/Upgrade to 5.3.0


      Hi Guys,


      I've recently upgraded our McAfee EPO server, but moving everything to a new machine. I am now in the process of taking ownership of the Mcafee estate from the old server to the new server. At the moment alot of the machines I want to bring over onto the new server are showing as managed on the old server. I've tried ticking push agents, and have selected force over existing version, but this doesnt appear to be doing anything. I've even created a task which installs mcafee and forces over existing versions in the task assignments section of the system tree.

      Any ideas how I can roll this out, at the moment I've just been going into the system tree, selecting a bunch of machines and then clicking agent - deploy agents. We have nearly 7000 machines so this could be very time consuming if I cannot do it automatically lol.