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    Profiler for ENS 10.1


      Anyone knows something about it? According to docs & KBs I suppose the current profiler just works with VSE.

      Will there be anything similar for ENS 10.1?

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          I hope just like you that a profiler tool will be provided.  This helps a lot in closing discussions with vendors when they refer to the anti-malware software for all their bugs.

          Althoug I hope a version will be released I think McAfee forgot this one because they start with the concept that no exclusions are needed with ENS 10.  That is why they also merged the low, default and high policies in one.  Also something I'm not so happy with.  We wer asking to be able to have more versions and even to be able to stack policies and McAfee is just doing the oposite.

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            We are working on a profiler like too .   Your feedback is very useful here

            If you could let me know what aspects of the current tool are used extensively and must have and what aspects you would like to see in the version for ENS 10.1 and why , that would help immensely



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              we did asked this one for VSE 8.8 with any Patch and still no Update on this, sadly.


              For building up a new Profiler I would like to be able in using ePO managed and stand-alone installation with the possibility in defining what is to be measured (File Activity, Scan Activity (divided in OAS, ODS and - maybe - a Special Part for MSfMExchange and MSFMSharepoint measuring) and ScriptScan (showing detected Malware, or non-conform URLS when testing).

              But at least it should be able to work on every OS-Typ higher or equal Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 (what about other OS like Linux, Mac and especially for the IoT and BYOD - mobile Management) and bring up all the functionality of the old Versions but with no need for an outdated .NET Package.



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                what was the issue with profiler + VSE? We had no issues so far...

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                  the Problem was not really VSE 8.8 - I am sorry for this but it is really a while ago - the Problem was Server 2008 and the neccessity of the old .NET Framework package which can not be provided for every System one would like to run the profiler on. The "new" Versions had has the same build number and was told to be the new Version but it had has the old .Net requirements so I am not sure this was really the actual build.


                  Quite the question: What about Windows 10 and McProfiler?

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                    Have you any update about this tool? Are the release near?


                    Thanks in advance,

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                      We are also really looking forward to the Profiler release for ENS 10.5. It is an invaluable tool for our organisation. We use the process read/write features to determine low risk processes to improve performance on the endpoints.

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                        Still no McProfiler for ENS 10.5.1 available?

                        This would help al ot to eliminate performance bottlenecks!

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                          Last week I created a ticket regarding an inquiry about a McAfee Profiler for ENS and was told that one is not available and my only option was to submit a PER for an updated McAfee Profiler that would also work with ENS 10.5.1.


                          I had not yet seen this post. Given that a support engineer mentioned in this thread back in early 2016 that they were working on such a utility for ENS 10, I wondering what kind of progress has been made or whether the effort was shelved.


                          If a tool was still being pursued, why was I not given that information with my ticket submission.

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