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    Android files user-interactive analysis




      I wonder if anyone is willing to share some experiences regarding how to analyse apk files with atd. I am new to the product, but have a system set up and is currently spending my time analysing random apk files that I download from the Internet.

      Here are some reflections so far:

      • It seems that most files requires me to run in user-interactive mode to have a reliable result.
      • Running one file without interactive mode gives me a low threat level, while running the same file interactive and just seing the screen, not being able to do anything gives me a very high threat level
      • Some files that I upload are not analyzed by dynamic analysis (sandbox) even if they are not known. They seem to be analyzed when running interactive though.


      Ideally I would like to be able to run tons of apk filen through this ATD, but if I will have to run all of them through user-interactiv analysis it will take to much time.


      Any suggestions?


      I am running on the following platform:


      Platform Version