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    How to automate the VSE deployment.


      Hi everyone,


      We have deployed MA and VSE on more than 5500 clients, But unfortunately around 200 hosts are failed to get VSE immediately as per Client Task assignment.


      And all 200 hosts are in different countries, so i cannot monitor it continuously. Is it possible to configure such a way that VSE should get installed automatically when they are back to online?



      Petchi S

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          Duplicate your client task assignment and change the schedule from Run Immediately to daily and set the deployment to run on a schedule. This way the client will get two tasks. One to run immediately, and the second to run on a schedule.


          A trick you can use to run a task say every 4 hours would be to start the task at midnight, stop at 11:59pm and during the run time set it to "repeat every 4 hours"


          The other thing to note is that Run Immediately tasks are run once and do not get re-evaluated, so if there was an issue then the task would not be re-run.

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            Thanks tomz2,


            Is it possible to assign the task for particular clients which are not having VSE?

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              With ePO 5.x you can use the deployment feature that will track the status of each device easily. Just tag all you machines that don't have VSE and setup a deployment for them. Tags are how you would assign a client to devices that do not have VSE.

              Why would you want to ask the client task to only the one that do not have VSE instead of all you devices? It is not like your devices with VSE will reinstall VSE every time: they'll just run a detection script to ensure VSE is installed.

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                Okay i Got it,


                Actually we already have Client task to deploy VSE for all hosts, As per client task it will get the VSE immediately once agent communicated. But some times machines are disconnecting very early from network(Like before installing VSE).


                And VSE deploy  task not running on next agent communication, So do you wanted me to create one more task to deploy VSE on system start up or daily?


                Be honest i'm don't understand the tag concept..:( Could you share me the steps how to create tag and assign,please?



                Petchi S

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                  From the sounds of it, looks like you need a recall of you devices so they stay connected until it is confirmed they are running VSE.

                  I'd try an additional start up task.


                  In regards to tags, they can be evaluated based on a criteria (ip, system name, mac address, os). The criterion are limited and VSE versions is not one of them.
                  In order to do what you want to do, you would need to create 2 queries: 1 with all systems that have vse, and another one with all systems that do not have vse.

                  Create a tag where you apply the criteria manually for "missing vse"

                  Setup a server tasks that runs the first query to clear the tag you created from all systems that have vse, then secondly run the second query to apply the tag to systems that are missing VSE. Run that periodically (every hour ?)

                  Create a client task assignment that runs only for your systems that have the "missing vse" tag


                  But considering your systems might not be staying online long enough, this wouldn't really make a diference.

                  You could also add the notice in the agent that says an install is about to start and that might keep people online long enough...

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                    Hi Andre Parent


                    Thank you very much indeed for this detailed explanation.


                    Could you please guide me how to create the query to find machines with VSE and do not have VSE?

                    And How to add the notice in the agent?


                    Thanks Again,

                    Petchi S

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                      HHave you considered a Product Deployment task via the Menu?

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                        Now i have scheduled the deployment task every four hours in a day, Now it looks better. If needed let me try that option


                        Thank you very much Ja2013