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    Problem sign into VM SIEM through SSH - Access denied




      I've deployed a SIEM VM (Enterprise Security Manager, Event Receiver & Log Manager VM8 9.5)
      at the first access I could not entered, either via ssh or https
      the https remains at 100% and the SSH gave me this error: "No supported authentication methods available".


      So I partially solved the problem with this step:

      1. Upload the ESM-Login-Patch.tgz to the System Properties > File Maintenance > Software Update Files
      2. Go to the System Properties > ESM Management > Maintenance > Terminal
      3. Enter the following in the prompt and hit enter  tar -xzvf /usr/local/ess/SoftwareUpdates/ESM-Login-Patch.tgz --directory /var/www/html
      4. Remember to set the time back on your workstation.


      Now my problem is: I can enter via HTTPS but via SSH with the same user and password I've always "Access denied"

      I tried more ssh/scp clients and i've create another user on siem  but the resolt in the same