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    MOVE AV Data Center Connector




      (I hope that thread is not closed again ...)


      I wonder if MOVE Data Center Connector (VMWare) also works with Multi-Platform Client, or only with agentless?

      And 2nd: does it also work with a 'local' vCenter Installation? The product guide always mentions a cloud-account - so I wonder if it's only work for some cloud hosted VMs/environments?



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          Richard Carpenter

          hi meforum


          The Data Centre Connector for VMWare uses the vCentre API to get a list of VM's running in the HA. If you use Agentless or MultiPlatform, it doesn't matter since the communication is between the ePO server and the vCentre Server. The communication does not connect directly to the VM Agent (MultiPltform - agent) or underlying single instance ESX HyperVisor (vShield agentless).


          Once you have the Data Centre connector components installed into your ePO Server you configure the Cloud Account to connect to the vCentre Server and the system tree is populated from the vCentre information.


          One thing to note, if you are also using System Tree Active Directory Synchronisation the AD Sync tree location will take precedence over the VMWare vCentre tree structure it builds based on your Clusters in vCentre.




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            thanks a lot!