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    SuperAgents and clients from different subnet

      Hello all and thank you for your help :)

      Our goal is to design an new ePO 4.0 organisation from scratch.
      In our network, we have a central site and many small sites connected by a WAN.
      Each of theses sites has servers & workstations.
      I plan to install the SuperAgent and use this SuperAgent as a repository.

      Some very small sites (only workstations) are connected to the small sites. There are no servers on theses sites, only workstations.

      The ePO documentation says that all clients of the SuperAgents need to be on the same subnet. Which is the case for the clients of the small sites but not the case of the clients on the very small sites.

      I understand that the wakeup function of the SuperAgent will not be available for the clients of the very small sites but I'm not sure if theses clients will be able to get the updates from these SuperAgent ? :confused: Should I install another classical repository for them ?

      Thank you very much for your help.