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    I definitely have a virus


      I definitely have a virus. My system is doing strange things. It executes programs it should not be executing. My processor fan runs fast but Task Manager shows very little executing.


      I have run a full scan on each of my hard drives and McAfee finds nothing, but it took less than two hours for the scan of my C: and normally it takes 8-12 hours.


      I read the article saying I should do a scan in safe mode. I cannot get into safe mode, so that is scary.


      We are getting a phone call from someone with an Indian accent saying our computer has been reported and that it is performing poorly. If that is related to the virus then it is very scary.


      I know that I can pay McAfee to do an evaluation of my system, but I think I should not need to pay if McAfee is unable to find the virus.


      I don't know what to do. This virus will likely damage my system eventually.

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          As long as you haven't given that Indian accented person access to your computer you are OK in that regard.  Those are scam calls and we all get them from time to time.

          I suggest running a scan with MalwareBytes Free, see the last link below:  Make sure you read the instructions on keeping it free of charge.

          You could also try using System Restore to go back to before all this started.  If you can't start it normally try the following;

          Click Windows key + R and in the run box type rstrui.exe and hit Enter.  Hopefully SR will then open.

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            Thank you.


            As for the phone calls, if they are not related to the virus then I am sure it is safe to ignore them. The scary thing is that we received another one of them (the same phone number) a few minutes after I posted this question. The phone number is a strange one, it is two digits followed by three digits then four digits; it is missing a digit.


            I am running Malwarebytes. It will be wonderful if that works. If not then perhaps I will pay for Kaspersky and try that. So far it has already found something suspicious.


            As for a system restore, I am reluctant to do that. I am not sure when the problem started and I don't know what I would lose in the process and it is only a guess whether it would solve the problem.

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              Well, when you think about it, how on Earth would someone, anyone, know on the phone what is and what isn't working on your PC?  They're guessing and hoping for some quick money, that's all they're doing.

              Total scam.  Microsoft and other software firms NEVER call anyone out of the blue.

              Well try MalwareBytes and read the alternatives there, some hopefully will help.

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                Think about it. If a virus has enough access to my system that they can execute programs then it is possible that they can get my phone number. In other words, if they know what is happening in my system then they could also know my phone number.


                Hopefully you are correct that the two are not connected.

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                  How could they possibly be connected?  Your computer doesn't broadcast your phone number, surely?

                  On the other hand, if you are heavily into file sharing or social networking then anything is possible I suppose.

                  If all else fails, scroll down that link to the Hijackthis/Farbar suggestions and follow those to get expert advice.

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                    I should add, McAfee/Intel do have a professional virus removal service but it costs money.

                    McAfee Virus Removal Service - Remove viruses, trojans, malware from your PC | McAfee

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                      But do NOT succumb to those phone calls, they are most definitely a scam, I assure you.

                      Plus they will cost way more than any professional virus removal service and probably steal your credit card information to boot.

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                                        I am inclined to agree whole-heartedly with Colleague Ex_Brit. Any and all phone calls one may receive , simply 'Out of the blue', if you will. Is definitely a scam and are not in your best interests, only theirs. Have you ran Malwarebytes (Free) as suggested? Or any of the other Superb Tools that can be obtained in that Link Peter provided?


                                        Please let us know your results...



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                          Yes, of course I don' want to cooperate with the phone call. I know that. So enough with that.


                          Malwarebytes did not eliminate the problem.


                          The thing that would have really helped is for someone to have explained how to get into Safe Mode in Windows 10. It requires a bit more in Windows 10. McAfee needs to revise their article correspondingly. I am currently using a tablet to reply so I won't get into details at the moment.


                          I was able to get into Safe Mode in Windows 10. I am using McAfee to scan my C: in Safe Mode  now.

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