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    Can no longer scan system without repairing any results?


      It seems like in VSE you could scan a system while choosing not to fix any viruses it detects.  We used that a lot on servers and systems to see what was on the system before we actually cleaned.  This was just to ensure it didn't pick up any valid application related files as false positives on the servers.  I can scan a system in EndPoint Security 10.1 but it seems like it automatically cleans or deletes anything it detects.  I would like to have these feature back ? .... its new so maybe I am missing something?

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          you can configure your ODS for these behaving in ePO Policys (may have to click on Button for showing extended configuration option). Nevertheless you can also configre this within the local GUI. At the TOP right is a small downshowing "^" - symbol (don´t know how this is called in eglish, I am sorry) when GUI is open and the dropdownmenu shows the "Administrator Login". On this Part you have to provide the Password (standard Password is "mcafee" or the given Passwort within the ePO Policys). Then you can click on "Thread Prevnetion" and can choose the local settings for how tio handel such findings (nearly at the end you can choose your favourit)

          Be advised: The local settings are mostly configured for beeing overwritten with ePO given Policys.


          I hope my sloppy english is at least pinpointing the right direction for you.



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            Hi clasha,


            It looks like Don explained where to find the settings for your On Access Scan.

            You can also find the setting for On Demand Scan tasks too. For example, from the local console -

            - Go to "Settings" (using the dropdown symbol)

            - "Show Advanced"

            - Under Common you'll see "Tasks"

            - Double-click the Task you wish to edit (NOTE: You can only edit Tasks that you have created locally; to edit ePO Tasks use the ePO console)

            - Scroll down to the Actions section, and use the dropdown to specify the action "Continue scanning" as your first response (NOTE: There can be no secondary response if selecting "Continue scanning" as the first response)