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    MWG and Office365/Google Apps


      Hello Web Gatewayers-


      I'd like to get some thoughts on Applications, and Office 365/Google Apps


      My goal is to block access to Web Mail, in the traditional sense (Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, etc) but still allow some of my clients who use Cloud services to access their stuff.


      I have the luxury of using AD groups as criteria, and I'm trying to use the Application engine for the other half. Here's an example of my rules:



      Problem is, the Application rule doesn't seem to be complete. When I go to Gmail, for example, http://www.gmail.com passes the Team B rule, but 302's it's way over to http://accounts.google.com, which gets shut down by the Block rule.


      Office 365 has kind of a similar issue. but fails out even earlier. http://outlook.office365.com isn't recognized by the Application rule, and just hits the block rule.


      Any thoughts on how to better handle my requirements?